The 28 Day Reset Program helps you take control of your health, your energy & your hormones.

This personalised program is designed for women in their 40s, 50s (& 60s!)

What it’s all about…

A 4-week Nutrition + Movement Plan where we’ll work together 1:1.


  • Meal Plans & Recipes (including age-specific foods that work for YOU)

  • 4 week Exercise + Movement Plan (with videos), including alternative exercises that work for you & your body (this isn’t a one size fits all, we will take into account what you enjoy, how often you want to exercise & how mobile you are)

  • 2 x 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions

  • My daily support throughout the program (email/WhatsApp)
Fee Working Out

If you’re looking for accountability, support & the exact steps that will set you up for healthy ageing, navigating the hormone roller-coaster or feeling better in a body that’s not reacting how it used to (!), this program is for you.

A 4-week Nutrition + Exercise Plan plus 1:1 personalised support for $147.

This offer is only available to ‘Me-time’ Retreat participants until Monday 22 August – this is your chance to work with me 1:1 at a fraction of my usual 1:1 rate.

The 28 Day Reset Program targets the areas most women in their 40s, 50s (& 60s!) struggle with, so I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to follow & get the intended results.

No overwhelm.
No complicated recipes.
Food you’ll love + specific exercise plans to make it super easy.
Me on standby to keep you on track.
A refreshed “You” in 28 days time!

Are you ready to get started? What to do next…

Sign up by Monday 22 August & let’s get started!

“I love food but did you also know I have been an exercise instructor for 28 years? I’ve got your back when it comes to food AND exercise” – Fee

See What Others Say ..

“Nothing is off limits – I’m so over programs where I can’t eat this or I have to do that”

“What I love about the ‘reset’ is it builds momentum – small changes”

“Even when I’m busy or stressed out, I can find ways to make sure I’m eating more veggies & drinking enough water”

– Grethe

“The Choose Healthy 28 Day Reset Program was just what I needed to get ‘unstuck’! Fee really listened, then came up with a variety of workouts (and videos to demonstrate – very helpful!), lots of simple nutritious meal ideas and all tailored to my circumstances. She showed me that it doesn’t always have to be the full workout – if 10 minutes is all I’ve got today, then one set of a workout today is ok.

I found the more I squeezed in here and there, the more I wanted to do. Fee also checked in regularly to offer encouragement, tips, and things to try (always just when I needed it!). It’s all about tweaking things as you go and taking small steps forward. Highly recommend working with Fee!”

– Michelle